We will be closed to the public on Sunday 27th May from 5pm due to an exclusive party. Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Wobbly Bobs Menu

5* Food Hygiene Rating from Bolton Council

Halal options available

Sandwiches/Toasties (brown or white bread)

Cheese £2.25 / £2.45
Cheese & Ham £2.60 / £2.80
Cheese & Onion £2.35 / £2.55
Ham £2.25 / £2.45
Cheese & Tuna £2.65 / £2.85
Tuna Mayonnaise £2.55 / £2.75

Panini (Hot)

Chicken & bacon mayo £4.65
Cheese & Ham £3.65
Cheese & Onion £3.40
Sweet chilli chicken or Chicken Tikka £4.00
Cheese & Tuna £3.75
Tuna Mayonnaise £3.60

Jacket Potatoes with fillings

Tuna Mayonnaise  £3.70
Chicken Tikka £4.10
Cheese £3.40
Coleslaw (homemade) £3.15
Beans £3.15
Cheese and Beans  £3.90


Nachos, salsa sauce, jalapenos and cheese
Homemade soup either Pea and Ham or Veg and a roll
Tomato soup and a roll
Homemade quiche and chips





Meals (*all served with Chips)

Beef Burger*  £4.05
Chicken Fillet Burger* £4.35
Vegetarian Burger*  £4.05
Cheese Burger*      £4.25
3 Fish fingers* £3.20
6 Chicken Nuggets* £3.70
2 Sausages* £3.30
Jumbo hot dog and onions £1.75
Homemade Cottage Pie, Peas and Gravy £4.35
Steak Canadian on a Roll, Mushrooms and Onions £3.60
Halal menu also avialable  

Children's Meals* (all served with Chips beans or peas)

2 Fish fingers* £2.65
4 Chicken Nuggets* £2.65
1 Sausage* £2.05
Cheese Burger* £3.50
Pizza* (Cheese & Tomato or Pepperoni) £2.99
Homemade Cottage Pie, Peas and Gravy £3.25
Halal menu also available  





Egg or beans £0.65
Gravy  £0.70
Grated Cheese £1.00
Bread and Butter
(Brown or White)
Sausage £0.80
Bacon £0.90
Buttered Barmcake £0.70
Fried Onion or Mushrooms £0.60
Burger on barmcake £2.45
Cheese slice £0.40


Toast per slice  £0.65
Toast with Jam per slice £0.75
LargeToasted tea cake £1.40
Cheese on toast per slice £1.60
Beans with 2 slices toast £1.90
1 Egg with 2 slices toast £1.90
2 Sausages with 2 slices toast £2.80
2 Bacon with 2 slices toast £3.00
Cheese and Chips (Adult) £2.70
Cheese and Chips (Child) £1.80

Small breakfast

1 sausage, 1 slice bacon, 1 egg, 
mushrooms, 1 toast, tomato and beans and a small standard tea or instant coffee

Large breakfast

2 sausages, 2 slices bacon, 1 egg,
mushrooms, 2 toast, tomato and beans and a large tea or instant coffee                         




Tea £1.20 £1.45
Coffee £1.40 £1.65
All Milk coffee   £1.90
Earl Grey Tea    £1.90
English Breakfast   £1.90
Lady Grey Tea   £1.90
Hot Chocolate   £1.90
Cappuccino   £1.90
Latte   £1.90
Cream/syrup or marshmallows per serving   £0.35 each


Soft Drinks

Simply Fruity

Freshly made Milkshakes with ice cream £1.80
Cans £1.15
Bottled Water/Carton Vimto £1.00/£1.05
Bottled Drinks/Slush £1.45/£1.35
Cup Drinks/Pure Juice




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    Excellent party, well organised. Food and games well thought out. The children had a fantastic time.

    Best we've had!!!

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    My first experience of a birthday party and it was excellent and would definately recommend and use again.

    Brilliant value for money and staff extremely helpful and...

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    Birthday boy and all his friends had a really good time here today.

    Staff were very hospitable and welcoming.

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